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Latin Elements 2024 Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Les damos gracias a nuestros generosos patrocinadores! We would like to thank our generous sponsors!

Acuario Productions
Boom Ballon Studio
Jennfier Leanne Photography
Retail Tech Hero


3D Printersaur

Andrea Hanssen – Activa Sport Therapy

Brad Richardson – Edmonton HQ/Maxwell Progressive Realty

Calloway Park

Caribbean Touch – Maxwell Aguilar 

Citadel Theater

City of Edmonton

Edmonton Musical Theatre 

Edmonton Stingers 

El Corazón 


Hugo Sanchez Photography 

Paraíso tropical 

Pupuseria Hailey 

Viva YEG Latino


Children's Classes

Spanish Classes for children. Grade level or new to Spanish classes available.

Our School

Learn more about the history of our school.

Adult Classes

Spanish Classes for Adults - coming soon!

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