Who are we?

The Gabriela Mistral Latin American School was founded on October 9, 1987 by a group of parents and teachers who sought to maintain and promote the Spanish language and culture among their children. At that meeting they decided that the school should be primarily focused on Latin America and bear the name of Gabriela Mistral, an elementary school teacher and recipient of the 1945 Nobel Prize in Literature.

For over 30 years, the school has grown and changed, but still firmly believes that the ability to communicate in other languages ​​is essential in today’s society. Not only does learning another language contribute to intercultural exchanges, but it also helps people build bridges of mutual understanding. Furthermore, it promotes activities such as travel and business.

The school counts on an energetic group of dedicated teachers that make each lesson a masterpiece. Their aim is excellence in teaching Spanish. That is just one of the reasons why, at our School, learning Spanish is fun!

Our school has gained the recognition and support of Edmonton’s whole Latin American community. Since 1994, the school has not benefited from the financial support of any level of government. Instead, we have had to rely solely on the efforts and generosity of each one of our members. That is why we ask parents to commit to volunteer shifts twice a year at the school and when we have special events.

Gabriela Mistral Latin American School has an enthusiastic student community including children, families, volunteers and adults wishing to learn Spanish and enjoy the Latin atmosphere that permeates the school. Nowadays, almost half of the children enrolled do not have a Latin background, which further enriches the environment and adds diversity to our lively school.

At Gabriela Mistral, everybody is welcome!