Sponsorship & Donations

Did you know…

That Gabriela Mistral Latin American Society is a federally registered charity? Yes, it’s true! When you make a donation to our school, your will receive a tax receipt that you can use to claim a non-refundable tax credit when you file your tax return.

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Follow THIS LINK for more information tax credit measurement.


Every year our school uses generous donations from people just like you to support classroom learning as well as music and dance workshops. This cultural aspect of language learning is the thing that sets Gabriela Mistral Latin American School apart from all the others. The Board of Directors and teachers are committed to maintaining a high quality learning experience and your donations will help us to do that.

IMG_0034This year we started to invest in brand new authentic Latin America musical instruments. It has been a number of years since the music teachers and students have had new instruments to play. The project has begun but we still need your help!

When you donate to a registered charity like the Gabriela Mistral Latin American Society not only are you receiving an added tax benefit, but you are also giving back to your community. That’s a win/win situation for you and us!