Great feedback from our adult students

What the adult students say about us:


The teachersConocimiento


  • Extremely courteous and friendly. Very helpful-passionate about teaching Spanish.
  • Nancy is the best language teacher I´ve ever had! She presents the material in a fun atmosphere that makes learning very enjoyable. She is wonderful!!!
  • Welcoming, uses a variety of approaches to teach, ensure that students learn the material. Responsive to any questions or concerns.
  • Nancy is a very pleasant person. She teaches very well. If you don’t understand she is more than willing to explain. I am very happy to have had her for a teacher.
  • Mauricio take the time to explain when questions were asked. He always had time during the break or after class to help me understand if I had missed something.
  • Mauricio was always prepared and well organized. He was always courteous and attentive.
  • Mauricio is a very energetic teacher who keeps the class interesting. He doesn’t make you feel inferior when he’s correcting your mistakes.
  • All the instructor were excellent, clear, enthusiastic, and informative.




  • Very friendly, taught at our level. Gently pushed us to learn more. This helped with my pronunciation and confidence to speak Spanish.
  • Christian is fun and engaging and gets us to break through “shy” barriers. I’ve found the music passion of the course very useful in breaking the ice and letting people be less self-conscious.
  • Marianella has a lovely voice and an infectious energy. I enjoyed the musical portion very much.
  • Both music teachers are quite fun and are both good at relaxing the class and getting the whole class involved


The School


  • Excellent learning environment.
  • Is easy to get to and always well-lit and clean. It is a great environment for a night class.
  • I´ve enjoyed my time in Spanish class and feel I´m learning a lot. I plan to continue onto the next level in the new year.
  • Always a pleasure to attend, good facilities
  • I love that I can learn Spanish at the same time as my daughter. I like the cultural celebrations.
  • Fantastic location and lunches have been great.
  • The school is a great community achievement and I love the way it brings together native speakers, 2nd or 3rd generation Canadians with Spanish language heritage, and others new to the language.


Thank you for your great feedback!
Gabriela Mistral School