Gabriela Mistral School Perogie Fundraiser

Our school just launched a fun and tasty fundraiser event and we need your help!
We are selling delicious perogies and sausages from Prairie Gourmet Perogies! We encourage our students and friends of the school to place as many orders as possible, the school will benefit greatly from this fundraiser.  Each package of 100 perogies for example cost $32 and the school get $8 profit on every box sold.
These products are gluten free, lactose free, nut free and soy free, made in a federally inspected facility. The pork from the sausages is vegetarian fed, antibiotic free and growth hormone free. No fillers, binders, msg, nitrates, additives or preservatives.   All natural products!
Order these delicious products for your family, they are great to have on hand for last minute meals, unexpected company, night time snack or full meals on busy week days. Stock up for a spring or summer party, fill out your freezer! These products are delicious….we tried them!
You can also offer them to your extended family, friends, neighbours, teachers, coworkers and anyone who might be interested, there is no limite in the number of orders.
The deadline to place your order with payment is February 27th, 2016.  Forms and payment must be brought to our school that day.
Cheques must be made payable to Gabriela Mistral Latin American School. We also accept cash. No credit card payment unless you have a very large order. In that case, please check with us.
We CAN´T accept forms without payment, please remember to bring all together.
You must pick up your order Saturday March 19th 2016 from the school, from 11AM to 1PM. The truck from Praire Gourmet Perogies will be outside of the school. waiting for you.
Help our school to raise funds!
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