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School Principal (position has been filled)

Annual Salary: $20, 000
Hours: 50 hours per month including:
Saturdays 09:30 -13:30 on every designated Saturday according to the school Calendar
Tuesdays 17:30-2100 on every designated Tuesday according to the school Calendar

Job Description
The principal will manage, evaluate and supervise effective and clear procedures for the
operations and functioning of the school consistent with the mission, values and goals of
the Society including instructional programs, extracurricular activities, and discipline
systems to ensure a safe and orderly climate, program evaluation, personnel management
and emergency procedures. The principal will show experience and appreciation of
Spanish ethnic culture and language environment, and support and understanding of

A school Principal for the Gabriela Mistral Latin American School will be responsible for
duties in the following three domains:

1- Academic: The principal will establish and lead high standards and expectations for
all students and staff for academic performance.

a- To review and update of the school curricula to mirror Alberta Education’s
Spanish Language and Culture Program Standards.
b- To hire and supervise all school teaching staff within budget constraints. To
dismiss staff that do not comply with the school bylaws and or job description.
c- To lead professional development for teachers.
d- To suggest instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on
e- To observes and evaluate instructional program, lesson plans and instructional
f- To conduct staff meetings for improvement of the school and for open
communication with staff.
g- To manage curricular and extra-curricular school activities and staff – including
a class schedule for all Spanish Teachers and for all talleres.
h- To supervise discipline and attendance systems for students.
i- To design the students’ progress report form and ensure teachers are
comfortable in using it to evaluate their students.
j- To communicate regularly and establish a professional rapport with students,
parents and staff.

2- Administration: The principal will work with the Board of Directors to lead and be
responsible for the school administration.

a- To participate in the discussion of the annual budget with the Board of Directors.
b- To review and report staff hours of work to the Accountant and school treasurer
at the end of every month.
c- To lead research and submit grant applications for funds supplementation, in
collaboration with the school treasurer and board of directors.
d- To develop the school calendar for the academic year for adults, children, EPSB,
and the Braemar School Custodian and make it public by May 1st before the start
of the next academic school year.
e- To plan “Latin Elements” in conjunction with the school board, teachers and
f- To submit school rental application to Edmonton Public Schools before
September of every year.
g- To coordinate with the school treasurer to ensure the school’s rent, insurance
policy, and school mailbox fees are paid and current.
h- To supervise an effective inventory system for all school supplies, materials and
equipment, in collaboration with the Recording Secretary of the Board.
i- To establish and oversee procedures for safe storing and integrity of all
confidential school records and supervise that student records are complete,
current and confidential, in collaboration with the school Administrator
j- To submit Annual Report to the Annual General Meeting of the school.
k- To arrange the Open House and Annual registrations for children’s courses, and
seasonal registration for adults’ courses
l- To plan and direct assignments for the school administrator.

3- Public Image of the school: The principal will establish and lead high standards
and expectations for all students and staff behaviour in the community.

a- To represent the school within the community or to the media.
b- To represent the school at the International Heritage Language Association
(IHLA) Principal’s Meeting and Regular Meetings
c- To deal with awards or disciplinary actions.
d- To collaborate with the Board of Directors for meeting with community
members, issue press releases, and advertising.
e- To collaborate with the school Public Relations Director for the management
of the school webpage and Facebook page.
f- To engage students and parents at the school to arrange their participation in
school and community events
g- To support fundraising and other efforts necessary to maintain the school.

Skills and Abilities
• Sound knowledge of administrative procedures
• Excellent interpersonal and communication and presentation skills (verbal and
written), with a focus on customer service and establishing/maintaining
relationships – in both English and Spanish
• Translating capabilities (From English to Spanish and vice versa)
• Ability to work independently and within a team environment
• Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to anticipate
and adapt to changing priorities
• Ability to maintain discretion and respect confidentiality
• Strong command of Office, Google Suite and office equipment
• Strong computer skills with the ability to adapt to new technology and programs
• Scheduling capabilities
• Motivated, confident, fair, patient and understanding

Required Qualifications
• Valid Alberta Teacher Certificate
• Bachelor of Education Degree
• Master’s in Education or Leadership an asset
• Alberta Education Leadership Qualifications Certification
• Ability to work in Canada (Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency)
• Knowledge of the legislative and regulatory framework for Non-Profit Schools in
• Minimum of 5 years successful teaching experience
• Fluency in Spanish Language
• Customer service experience
• Database management
• Dynamic, friendly, approachable, motivated, multi-tasking capabilities, energetic

Thank you for your interest in Gabriela Mistral Latin American School. We only contact candidates selected for interviews. A cover letter must be submitted along with a resume describing the interest in this position to AND