Classes for Adults

Regular FALL Session classes start on
  • Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 10 at 6 pm or
  • Saturday, SEPTEMBER 14  at 10 am. 


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Classes fees for Fall, Winter and Spring sessions: $ 220.
Only $ 600 if you pay in advance for all 3 sessions! Ask us about this option.
Seniors 65+: $ 190 (pay only in person at the school)
  • Duration: 27 hours per session, 9 classes, 3 hours each.
  • Days: Tuesday evenings (6pm-9pm) or Saturday mornings (10am-1:00pm).
For Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 “Vente 1”; this volume contains levels A1 and A2 of the European Framework.   Sold at the school.
For Spanish Conversation for Beginners:
“Read and Think Spanish” 2nd Edition + Audio Cd 2012  McGraw Hill
You can buy this textbook in Amazon or in Chapters /Indigo store
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Spanish 1

Learning Spanish at Gabriela Mistral Latin American School is more than just learning the world’s second-most spoken language. It also means experiencing the spice of Latin American culture along with meeting a variety of people from different backgrounds and making friends in an open and relaxed environment.
Cultural Activities: As part of our curriculum, all students are exposed to Latin American cultures through exhibits, sampling ethnic food from different Latin American countries on Saturdays, and music classes. Our very talented music teachers will visit your classroom every week for 20 minutes to teach you popular Latin songs.
Class size: In order to achieve teaching excellence and to provide individualized attention to our students we limit our class size to 20 students.


This course is 6 weeks. No classes on August 1st, 2020.
This course is based on the application of language components and language skills through online interactive class sessions.
Overall Goal: It is intended to provide cognitive target strategies to students, in order to help them develop their ability to speak and understand oral language to achieve a successful communication.
Specific Objectives: At the end of this course, students will be able to apply and evaluate techniques/methods to improve the pronunciation of certain sounds in Spanish with a notable reduction in accent to improve the use of the language.
Course emphasis: Understanding of accent placement when reading, writing, and ultimately speaking
Price: $96.00 Taxes waived
Requirements: Minimum of 6 students required to run course